Building a Future

Based in Cape Town, Sakhikamva Foundation is a registered non–profit organization involved in aviation awareness and skills development for the youth and children in the aerospace industry.

The Foundation believes that the future of South African aerospace industry is anchored with the country’s highly talented youth, its mission being to identify and develop this talent in ensuring that a solid foundation is laid to feed the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) pipeline. It prides itself in building a future with the youth of South Africa and sets out to achieve its mission by hosting several programs and outreach projects each year. Come on board and join one of our exciting programmes.

Pro Flight Hours

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over the past 10 years

Paper Jets

Student skills aimed to test the speed, distance and design capabilities of the paperjets.


The Link Camp

A three-year aviation leadership camp for youth exposing youth to the aerospace environment whilst developing essential skills such as leadership, knowledge of the aviation sectors, basic flying skills and aerodynamics, robotics, aerospace science and nature related activities.

The Sky’s the Limit

An opportunity for 36 young South Africans to experience flight for the first time. The day is packed with related aviation activities at Morningstar.

Robotics & AI

In partnership with AppShed, focussed robotics workshops and holiday clubs for learners to develop problem solving, electronics and information technology skills.

Stream Club

Our STREAM club introduces an array of aerospace related programmes to our members.

The STREAM Laboratory

An interactive STEM laboratory with Robotics, Aerospace and IOT as the main themes, stimulating innovation in youth.

Paper Jet Challenge

A paper aeroplane challenge for grade 5-9 learners to compete as teams of three in a distance, design and time in the air category.