Building a Future

Based in Cape Town, Sakhikamva Foundation is a registered non–profit organization involved in aviation awareness and skills development for the youth and children in the aerospace industry.

The Foundation believes that the future of South African aerospace industry is anchored with the country’s highly talented youth, its mission being to identify and develop this talent in ensuring that a solid foundation is laid to feed the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) pipeline. It prides itself in building a future with the youth of South Africa and sets out to achieve its mission by hosting several programs and outreach projects each year. Come on board and join one of our exciting programmes.


The time has come! We're excited to present our much anticipated Science Festival. For years The Sakhikamva Foundation has been working to ignite the passion of future pilots and engineers in South Africa.Today we're igniting that very same passion in a new way, online, for everyone to enjoy. Kicking-off our Festival is none other than world-renowned engineer and astronaut Nicole Stott tuning in live with us all the way from Florida.


If you've never been entertained while learning mathematics, well, here’s your chance!
Steve Sherman, from Living Maths, will blow
the crowd away with his Mathemagical show. Mathemagical is more than just a play on
words, as Steve says
"Mathematics opens doors" this promises to be
a show you don't want to miss.


Ronnie of FunWeird Science will be demonstrating a number of exciting experiments that will wow the audience and leave a lasting impact. Ronnie believes that science is something that needs be done and not neccesarily read about all the time. There are also losts of prizes to be won!


With San Franscisco Bay in the Background, Magnitude will launch a high altitude balloon. The balloon will be tracked by the students as it finds its way across the globe. Students will have whatsapp discussions on a daily basis as to where the balloon is and what the history of the country is that it will be flying over.


A creative exploration workshop for all ages.
This mind blowing workshop reveals the link between art and mathematics.
Learners and teachers will explore patterns in stained glass windows. Each session will have a math art competition.


Put your engineering skills to the test by challenging your family to Paper Tower Challenge.

A Fun mid-week activity for all parents and children to enjoy.


Drones can be considered one of the most used technological advancements in recent years.
Learn the art of drones, how they fly and the safety aspect around flying your drones.


Exolab experiment is an investigation of sustainable plant growth in microgravity conditions. During this workshop, learners with meet with international Scientists that have worked with astronauts on the international space station.


Let's get our kids excited about mathematics from as early as possible! You can do so by making sure that you're tuned into the LIVE Mathemagical show with Steve Sherman.
If the response from our first addition is anything to go by, you're definitely in for a treat. Don't miss out on your chance to spin the Wheel of Fortune.


Ever wanted to build your own app?
We will show you how easy it is to develop
and publish your own app within an hour.

Appshed will show you some easy hacks to make you an app developer, in a dew quick and easy steps.


Make your own vibrating, drawing, chaotic, doodling robot
with tons of personality.
Fun activity for parents children to build
their own Doodle.

There'll be lots of prizes up for grabs!


Can you fold a world-record paper plane?

Let us show you how it’s done!

Whether you would like to fly it to the end
of roomor hover it in the air for as long as possible.


A challenge for all families to build a structure to test if their alien will be safe if they drop it from a height. Video submissions for the challenge opens on Saturday, 29 August and closes on Monday, 31 August 2020. On 03 September, the selected finalists will showcase their skills with a sneaky new dropping challenge.


Ready to be entertained in a kid-friendly, live-streamed science show? Presented by Dr Graham Walker,
Featuring experiments you can try at home – from vacuum-cleaner marshmallow cannons to gravity defying water – and lots you definitely should not -
liquid nitrogen, explosions and much more!



The Fun Kahoot is a live online science quiz that caters
for all ages with lots of prizes to be won.

Be sure to tune in to see if your name
will appear on the wheel of fortune.

Pro Flight Hours

Total flying time between
our resident pilots


Enrolled in our programmes
over the past 10 years

Paper Jets

Student skills aimed to test the speed, distance and design capabilities of the paperjets.


The Link Camp

A three-year aviation leadership camp for youth exposing youth to the aerospace environment whilst developing essential skills such as leadership, knowledge of the aviation sectors, basic flying skills and aerodynamics, robotics, aerospace science and nature related activities.

The Sky’s the Limit

An opportunity for 36 young South Africans to experience flight for the first time. The day is packed with related aviation activities at Morningstar.

Robotics & AI

In partnership with AppShed, focussed robotics workshops and holiday clubs for learners to develop problem solving, electronics and information technology skills.

Stream Club

Our STREAM club introduces an array of aerospace related programmes to our members.

The STREAM Laboratory

An interactive STEM laboratory with Robotics, Aerospace and IOT as the main themes, stimulating innovation in youth.

Paper Jet Challenge

A paper aeroplane challenge for grade 5-9 learners to compete as teams of three in a distance, design and time in the air category.